Attendant Care

Provides a trained direct care worker (DCW) to assist a member to create or maintain safe and healthy living conditions. The DCW also assists with maintaining personal cleanliness and activities of daily living. These workers receive training and are tested to ensure their ability to provide essential services.


Provides methods and training to increase a member’s ability to become more independent and improve upon life skills. A teaching service, it is often provided during habilitation activities (for example, learning to cook a meal or balance a checkbook). Habilitation may be provided in a member’s home or in their community.
When a member lives in their own home with or without roommates, they may also receive Habilitation, (Individually Designed Living Arrangement). Training and supervision is provided to increase or maintain the member’s self-help, socialization, and adaptive skills to live and participate in the community. The member is responsible to pay all expenses (e.g., rent, utilities) when living in their own home.

Respite Care

Provides a trained person to supervise and care for a member for a short period of time to relieve caregivers.